Mannheim Greeters - Free walks and hidden gems


Mannheim – City of Squares

Have you ever got to know a European city that is divided into squares without street names? The Mannheim Greeter show their city of squares authentically and with passion to all guests, tourists and new residents. During the Greet through Mannheim, you will get to know the city from the perspective of a local. We will show you interesting and interesting corners as well as individual insider tips of our hometown and convey the Mannheim attitude to life. Go on a discovery tour with us, just like Carl Benz did.

Experience the unique atmosphere of Mannheim, characterized by cultural diversity, historical significance and modern flair. Immerse yourself in the fascinating history of the city, from the baroque palaces to the innovative technology companies. Our greeters will take you to the most important sights and tell you exciting stories about Mannheim’s past and present.

Discover Mannheim’s vibrant art and culture scene, visit galleries, museums and theaters or enjoy live music in one of the trendy clubs. Experience the city’s culinary diversity in cozy cafés, traditional restaurants or at one of the lively weekly markets. Be inspired by the diversity and vibrancy of Mannheim.

Embark on a journey through the different districts of Mannheim, explore the green parks and riverside promenades along the Neckar or stroll through the lively shopping streets. Our greeters will show you the hidden treasures of the city on one of their city tours and give you insider tips for your stay. Experience Mannheim in a very special way and discover the city through the eyes of a local. Welcome to Mannheim – where tradition meets modernity and hospitality is a top priority!

Personal and free

Mannheim Greeters welcome guests to their city and take them on personalised walks. We love our city and accompany you through our city - completely free of charge, as is customary among friends. You will experience very personalised and individual tours with locals and get to know everyday life and hidden gems in our city and the insider tips of our greeters.