Come as a guest, leave as a friend

We Greeter welcome guests to our cities and take them on an individual tour.

Without payment, as is common among friends.



A tour -called a “greet”- usually lasts 2-3 hours, maybe longer.

Just for you

We do not form groups, you do the tour only with the people you are traveling with, maximum we welcome six people. Even if you are alone, you can request a greet.

Our city - our guests

Wir tun dies aus Liebe zu unserer Stadt und aus Interesse an unseren Gästen.


You will experience very personal and individual tours and you will learn about our everyday life.

Greeters in these cities are looking forward to your request:

In other countries Greeters will welcome you too, find all destinations on International Greeter Association.

German Greeters in Figures (2023)





Our Core Values

Without discrimination

All guests and volunteers are welcome without discrimination.


Greeters support sustainable tourism. They respect the natural and social environment. Greeters promote the image of their city.

Cultural exchange

Greeters help build a better world by establishing people-to-people contact.


Greeter work on a voluntary basis, they give a friendly welcome to all their visitors.

Small Groups

Greeter welcome individual guests and groups up to a maximum of 6 people. The focus is on the dialogue between the Greeter and the guest.

Free of charge

The walk with a greeter is absolutely free.

Happy Guests

Many guests already had wonderful experiences with a greet in Germany or in one of our many Greeter-Destinations worldwide. When can we welcome you?


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Further information

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