Freiburg Greeters - Free walks and hidden gems

Freiburg – Always worth a visit

If you not have been in Freiburg you missed something. Here, in the very South-West of Germany, influences of many eras, peoples and regions mix. The unhurried way of living in Baden and the French savoir-vivre are building a sympathic connection.

Architecturally, culturally and historically, Freiburg has much to offer. Enjoyment and ecology have a high priority here. Add to this the attractive location in the Upper Rhine Valley on the edge of the Black Forest. Due to a comfortable climatic situation, here spring begins earlier and autumn starts later than in most corners of Germany.

The greeters show you their city away from the touristic hot spots because even in other places there is much to discover. Exciting impressions and little stories await you on a very personal walk with your new friends in this beautiful city.

Personal and free

Greeter welcome guests to their city and take them on an individual tour. We love our city and will accompany you through our city - completely free of charge, as is common among friends. You will experience very personal and individual tours and can learn about everyday life in our city.