Freiburg Greeters - Free walks and hidden gems


Freiburg – always worth a visit

Welcome to Freiburg, the city in the southwest of Germany, which offers a fascinating mixture of influences from many eras, peoples and regions. Here, Baden serenity and French savoir-vivre merge to create a unique atmosphere that immediately captivates visitors. Architecturally, culturally and historically, Freiburg has a lot to offer – from magnificent buildings to lively art and cultural scenes.

Enjoyment and ecology are very important in Freiburg, which is reflected not only in the numerous cozy cafés and restaurants, but also in the green city policy and the sustainable lifestyle of the residents. Its attractive location in the Upper Rhine Valley on the edge of the Black Forest makes Freiburg a year-round destination – here you can experience spring earlier and enjoy fall later than in most places in Germany.

The Greeters of Freiburg show you their city away from the tourist hot spots and take you on a discovery tour to hidden treasures and secret places. Experience exciting impressions and hear little stories about the past and present of this charming city on a very personal walk with your new friends. Immerse yourself in the authentic Freiburg, get to know the local insider tips and discover the hidden treasures of this beautiful city far away from mass tourism.

Come to Freiburg and be enchanted by the diversity, beauty and hospitality of this city. Experience the unique atmosphere, enjoy culinary delights, explore historical sights and let the Greeters take you on an unforgettable journey through Freiburg. There is so much to discover – join us and experience Freiburg like never before!


Personal and free

Freiburg Greeters welcome guests to their city and take them on personalised walks. We love our city and accompany you through our city - completely free of charge, as is customary among friends. You will experience very personalised and individual tours with locals and get to know everyday life and hidden gems in our city and the insider tips of our greeters.