Bremerhaven Greeters - Free walks and hidden gems


Bremerhaven is situated at the river Weser, just a few swim strokes from the North Sea

Get to know the city together with us, we would like to show you around our most favoured places. We may walk on the dike and explain the semaphore or water level signalling station, have a look at the fishery port and historic vessels of the ships museum. We could show you a bit of the city’s 200 year history, old housing quarters and transformation, busy naval industry or the modern leisure port. Perhaps you would like to vist the emigration museum, the historic museum, the zoo or the arts museum.

Whatever you are specifically interested in, we are looking forward to welcoming you in our town and to show why we love to live here.

Personal and free of charge

Bremerhaven Greeters welcome guests to their city and take them on a personalised tour. We love our city and accompany you through our city - completely free of charge, as is customary among friends. You will experience very personalised and individual tours and can get to know everyday life in our city.