Bremen Greeters - Free walks and hidden gems


Willkommen in Bremen an der Weser

Bremen impresses not only with its picturesque old town and the famous fairy tale of the Town Musicians, but also with the lively life in the “Viertel”, the charming “Bremer Haus” and hidden places just waiting to be discovered. The transformation of the port area reflects the modern development of the city and offers a fascinating insight into Bremen’s maritime past and future. Numerous sights and art treasures await you on a greet through Bremen, bringing the history and culture of this city to life.

Get insider tips for activities, restaurants and cafés that only real Bremen locals know. Discover Bremen in a whole new way – together with friends you’ve never met before.

Let the Bremen Greeters take you on a journey through Bremen’s many facets and experience the city from a very personal perspective. Whether it’s a walk along the Weser promenade, an exploration tour through the historic Schnoor district or a visit to the lively quarter – with our greeters, your stay in Bremen will be an unforgettable experience. Come to Bremen and discover the beauty, diversity and hospitality of this unique city on the Weser!


Bremen-North is a special part of Bremen, characterized by a long history of seafaring, historic parks and gardens and the renowned Jacobs University. For Bremen-North click here.


Bremen Greeter heißen Gäste in ihrer Stadt willkommen und nehmen sie mit auf einen individuellen Rundgang. Wir lieben unsere Stadt und begleiten dich durch unsere Stadt – gänzlich kostenlos, wie es unter Freunden üblich ist. Du wirst sehr persönliche und individuelle Rundgänge erleben und kannst etwas über das alltägliche Leben in unserer Stadt erfahren.

Personal and free

Bremen Greeters welcome guests to their city and take them on personalised walks. We love our city and accompany you through our city - completely free of charge, as is customary among friends. You will experience very personalised and individual tours with locals and get to know everyday life and hidden gems in our city and the insider tips of our greeters.