Bonn Greeters - Free walks and hidden gems

Coming as strangers, leave as friends With this motto, Bonn citizens welcome visitors to the city of Bonn, which, with its more than two thousand years of history, is one of the oldest cities in Germany. “A Small Town in Germany,” as John le Carré * titled Bonn in his 5th novel in 1968, offers interested visitors a rich offer of history, culture, art and landscape. However, and you can discover this with the “Bonn greeters,” there is also the “non-official” part of Bonn’s history and present. This is the very personal experiences and the resulting reports and stories of the individual citizens of Bonn, who invite you to a “Greet.” Bonn Greeters greet you to explore the nooks and crannies of “their” city.

Personal and free

Greeter welcome guests to their city and take them on an individual tour. We love our city and will accompany you through our city - completely free of charge, as is common among friends. You will experience very personal and individual tours and can learn about everyday life in our city.