Darmstadt Greeters

Do you know about the German city of Darmstadt?  It is a city of former Hessian Landgraves and Grand Dukes, with a lot of architectural testimonies to those royal times.

Darmstadt is a city of about 160,000 inhabitants.  It’s not just a city of art nouveau (though it is ready to become a UNESCO world heritage site), it’s also a city of science, students, literature, theater and music.  The gardens and parks, pubs and beer gardens – all invite you to linger here.

Darmstadt also has a special, natural swimming lake, called the “Woog”, located in the center of the city.  From an architectural standpoint, Darmstadt also has much to offer.  In addition to the Russian imperial architecture and the Mathildenhohe, with its “Wedding Tower” and its Russian Orthodoc Chapel, there is also modern architecture, such as the famous Hundertwasser house called Waldspirale, which shows off the unique character of the city.

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